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Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How far in advance should I book?
A. Please book as soon as possible Ė With a growing number of guests recommending our services to other families and friends, some accommodation enquiries cannot be accepted due to the houses already being booked.

Consequently bookings are sometimes as much as several months in advance. However, we do occasionally have families postpone their bookings, which on occasion create a gap in accommodation at short notice. So itís still worth an enquiry even if youíre heading out next week!

Q. Should we book accommodation or flights first?
Many families/couples book their flights and furniture removal first, and then endeavor to book accommodation. We recommend you approach this in reverse. With flights and removals, there is plenty of choice from many providers, where as quality services like ours may be that much more difficult to organise...

Q. I will need a Mobile Phone on arrival, is this straightforward?
A. Yes, the easiest way is to visit the local shopping centre, (just minutes away) and buy a 'Pre-paid' phone (no contract involved). The phone is purchased from supermarkets, post offices etc and comes with a credit voucher. A good website detailing phone plans available in Australia is:

Q, I will need Internet access, is this available?
A. Yes, internet is available at the accommodation. If bringing your own laptop, the easiest way is to visit the local shopping centre, and buy a pre-paid ('Pay As You Go') wireless USB modem for connection to an Australian ISP. Pre-paid USB modems start at around $69.95 for the modem plus credit vouchers from around $9.95. Credit is easily topped up.

If you do not possess a laptop, we will hire one to you for $35 per week. Alternately you could use the Internet cafes, located in shopping centres for around $2 for 20 minutes. The cheapest Internet access is available at local libraries; expect to pay around $2 for one hour.
Check out or for further information on tariffs. Once settled into your own home, broadband or cable internet connections are usually available. Visit for information on broadband internet plans in Australia.

Q. Will you recommend a good suburb to live in?
A. Where you live is very much a personal choice. Several factors need to be considered, which include your budget, employment and schooling.

Brisbane is generally a safe, family orientated place to live; it really is a case of deliberating about whatís important for you and getting the feel for a few suburbs.

Take into account your proximity to employment and if you have teenagers, then itís especially important to be close to good infrastructure and things to do.

We have many useful contacts, including police officers, teachers, paramedics etc. all of whom have nothing to sell and therefore give an unbiased appraisal of any Brisbane suburb and/or school, free of charge.

Q. Will you recommend a good school?
A choice needs to be made between public and private education, as well as any religious needs. Private schools are generally of an excellent standard and have fees ranging from $3000 pa to $10000 + pa. There are also some excellent public (state, non fee paying) schools in Brisbane.

Our contacts include experienced teachers who are happy to volunteer information about schools to our guests, free of charge.

Q. I would like to make a booking, but am unsure of security for passing my credit card details over the Internet.
A. We encourage people not to pass credit card details over the Internet. We prefer to contact you directly by phone at a pre arranged time (or you can ring us, also at a pre arranged time). This also provides an opportunity for a chat and to ask any questions.

Alternately you may send the deposit electronically through any major UK bank, or post a cheque. (NB. You will still need a valid credit card on arrival, as per our "Terms and Conditions").

Q. Electricity/ telephone and Internet are not included in the price, how much on average does this cost?
A. We do not include utilities in our otherwise all-inclusive price. This encourages guests to use electricity wisely, (ceiling fan used only when necessary etc). Expect to pay around $8-$17 per week on average.

Telephone bills vary considerably, especially if making many overseas, interstate or calls to mobiles. If you are expecting to make these types of calls frequently, then the purchase of a phone card will reduce costs. These cards may be purchased at most newsagents and operate by calling a local number, then entering your PIN, followed by the number you require. They are topped up with a credit card, again with a local phone call. Phone card call tariffs are significantly cheaper than standard phone tariffs.

A low user will average around $10 per week for their phone bill.

Please note: All charges relating to the phone and electricity usage are charged to our guests at cost to us.

Q. I will need a hire car on arrival; will you recommend a hire company?
A. We prefer not to have agreements with car hire companies, as this may not provide the best deal for the hirer. Instead we provide details of local companies who all offer competitive rates, which may be booked from the UK.

Cars may be collected from the airport or after you've rested from the flight.

Q. Am I entitled to free medical attention?
A. Yes. The public health system provides free treatment for visitors from the UK. If migrating here, you are encouraged to join MEDICARE as soon as possible to avoid increased charges for local doctors and pharmaceuticals.

Ambulance cover is included in the cost of your electricity bill, as per Queensland Ambulance/state government policy (equivalent to $1.78 per week, per family).

Q. What advice will you offer me prior to migrating?
A. Be really positive. Try not to have too many doubts or concerns, Australians are very accommodating and there's no need to worry. Things do fall into place. Remember, we are on hand to help you through this and answer any questions or concerns you may have, either prior to arrival or when you are here.


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