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Lesley and myself work hard to make everything we offer conducive towards settling in, as well as provide value for money. We receive many messages regarding our services, which follow a fairly common theme and below are some typical examples.

“Hi Rob and Lesley, I would just like to thank you both for your help and hospitality during our first six weeks in Brisbane. We were very happy with the house in Hendra, so close to the city and restaurants.

Although we did have some doubts as to whether we should use your arrival package or use hotel/motels, once we had arrived we realised that the latter would have been a nightmare. To have two friendly faces to meet us at the airport at the end of a long journey was a sight for sore eyes.

The house being only about ten minutes from the airport was also a clever move on your part. We couldn't believe how nice the place was and very well furnished by Lesley. The new estate the house is on was great for our children as they were able to mix with the children from some of the other houses, which helped to settle them in. We did have trouble though trying to keep them out of the pool!

It is also a nice touch on your part to have a bbq at your house to meet other expats, it was good to talk to others in the same boat.

Well all the best with the business, you deserve to do well. Hopefully I will see you guys at the next Barbie! Although I think the next one will be on us!”

Nick, Margaret and the boys…(Hendra house)


“Hi Rob & Lesley,
Just a note to say thankyou for the excellent service you provided when meeting us from our flight. It was a big help to be picked up from the airport and taken to the lovely house we rented from you. The house itself was perfect; so very clean and comfortable, with everything we needed right there.

The ongoing support and sound advice you have provided has certainly helped us to adapt to our new environment. We also really enjoyed meeting other families at your social gatherings and made some useful contacts and friends.

Anyway thanks again, especially for your ongoing friendship and support.”

Regards, Derek & Carole Hill…………(Hendra house)


simply “10 out of 10”

Steve & Vicky………………(Carina house)


"Dear Rob, Lesley and girls,
We would like to say a very big thankyou for all that you did for us on our stay. We will not ever forget you and would like to think of you as special friends, and one day we hope to be able to return your kindness, so if you ever need us we will be there for you all!"

Love Kay, David, Rebecca and James………………(Carina house)


"Dear Rob, Lesley and the girls
Just a quick email to sincerely thank you for the services and friendship offered to us through Brisbane Bound, you all made such an effort to make our first eight weeks in Australia so much more relaxing. I can honestly say that the accommodation was first class, both the houses we rented were in excellent locations and were well maintained and spotlessly clean.

All the other services, from meeting us at the airport to hiring your laptop (vital with two teenage children contacting the UK everyday) allowed us to settle far more quickly than any of us ever imagined.

I can now say after the first eight weeks we are all feeling like true Aussies, enjoying the sunshine and relaxing lifestyle that Brisbane has to offer, I'm very confident the only time we will be going back to the UK is to visit, Brisbane is now our home.

Again a big thank you to everyone at Brisbane Bound and if anyone would like to contact us to discuss our migration experience then give them my number. "

Yours sincerely,
Dave, Sam, Michelle and Daniel Brown
(4 weeks Hendra, then 4 weeks Carina)


This is part of a message I received from a couple who used our services recently. It’s advice which I would encourage you to consider.

"So renting this house for 8 weeks is giving us the time to look and get a feel for the areas. This was your advice when we first talked with you on Oxford Street, and boy has that advice been worth every penny of the rent.

So from the house book, it would seem that people only come and stay here for a couple or three weeks and hope to find a property in that time. How they do it I cannot imagine, although I have been to the addresses that were in the book that they gave, and personally would not choose to live so far out. So if any of your future guests ask, I would say that a minimum of 8 weeks is necessary to get a feel and to rent in the right location. (Their initial investment in the rent will pay them back a 100 times) Because once you have rented, you really don't need any upset by renting in the wrong place for a year.

You need peace of mind, especially if you are not like us retired, we only have to think about a house, but most I would think have to consider, schools, jobs, and how to keep the wolf from the door.

So renting right, the first time is crucial for a good life here I would think."

Dennis & Susan Oldfield.... (Hendra)



We also write editorials for UK newspapers, aimed at prospective migrants. Below is a selection of some of our more recent articles.

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